Steve Porter

Steve Porter was responsible for identifying and scouting the locations used in the Reflections of Christ images. His experience as a professional aerial photographer for many years in AZ, combined with his passion to make the Reflections images as authentic and moving as possible, resulted in locations that were characters unto themselves. Steve hiked, four-wheeled, and flew to examine many areas of the the Arizona and Mexican landscape. Steve's involvement in Reflections of Christ gave the project an added measure of professionalism and authenticity. His expertise and dedication transcend that of "a location scout" and his influence can be felt throughout the project. He is currently working on a very exciting aerial photography project.

Freddie Ashby

Freddie Ashby is one of Arizona's most recognized voices in sacred music. He has performed on numerous EFY CD's, has a fantastic solo album, and is constantly sought after for live appearances and studio projects. Freddie was more than just the signature vocal artist on this project, he was part of the creative nucleus and was a big presence in helping us find the right musical voice for Reflections of Christ.

Melynda Brimhall

Melynda Brimhall is another Arizona favorite. From the very beginning, the goal for the Reflections of Christ music was to seek out vocalists who are soulful, authentic sounding, and deeply emotional. Because Melynda is so much all that, she was the first voice that came to mind for both Mark and Jason. We wanted to recreate "Joy to the World" to be a message for all seasons, not just Christmas. It was re-written especially for Melynda and her special sound.

Hope Shepherd

Hope Shepherd was first chair cello in the ASU symphony when we started and now she is working on a master’s degree in cello performance at Rice University in Texas. She is unique among classically trained musicians in her ability to actively engage in the spontaneous creation of music. Her connection with Clyde on "In Humility, Our Savior" was one of the highlights of the creative process and brought a clear identity and direction to the project. Her lush performances are central to the unique sound of Reflections of Christ.

Alex Boye

Alex Boye has enjoyed huge success in pop and sacred music. His soulful solo performances with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have made him an icon and has created an unforgettable, bright new dimension for one of the world's best know musical institutions. On Reflections of Christ, he exhausted every ounce of emotion and soul and his performances leave you in a state of nearly breathless, but reverent celebration. However, most over-powering was his spiritual presence and sense of doing everything as a prayer with utmost sacred reverence toward Christ. When Alex is in the studio, everyone stands taller and tries harder.

Catherine Papworth

Catherine Papworth is a gifted writer, arranger, producer, engineer, and central part of Noteworthy, a phenomenal a cappella female group. But, above all, she is a phenomenal vocal artist. We asked her not to hold back, but to put everything she had into this music. She did just that in the form of what we think is how "I Need Thee Every Hour" was always meant to be. When we realized that "Nearer My God to Thee" needed angels, Catherine delivered in the form of unbelievable angelic background vocals.

Theresa and Lindsey Alston

Theresa and Lindsey Alston are sisters in a band called "The Alstons". Mark wanted to have "Oh May My Soul Commune With Thee" on the CD to paint the picture of that one on one, personal relationship with Christ as depicted in the photographs "Peter on the Beach" and "The Road to Emmaus". In wondering what such a conversation with Christ would be like, we knew that a duet was the way to tell the story of dialog with the Divine. The Alston's harmony is so intricate and unified sounding that is the perfect way to express how we would each harmonize with Christ if we were truly able to commune with Him.

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown had the daunting task of singing the song that would bring into full circle the whole story of Reflections of Christ. "Near My God to Thee" traces the mortal journey of Christ from earthly isolation and suffering to the hope for heavenly reunion to the return home on angels wings. Brandon came to this song with a fresh guitar oriented approach and that pleading voice that brings triumphant completion to the story of Christ and His mission.

Reflections of Christ Angel Choir

The Reflections of Christ Angel Choir: Liz Stowell, Richelle Talbot, Heather Tanner, Lauren Filichia, Brittney Olsen, Kayla Guttery, Malia Morris, Brianna Whaley, Sarah Thaxton, Laura Thaxton, Ian Gilyeat, Freddie Ashby, Tom Chamberlain, Dan Brimhall, Joe Tenney, Richard Talbot, Jon Buehner