My invitation with these pictures of Jesus and his life is for people to think about our Savior.

To think about His humble life, but then step back and think about the ascended Christ - the resurrected Christ - the one who still watches over us, who pleads for us now and forever. He is amazingly graceful. We do all we can do, but after that, we are completely saved by His grace. He is the source of our salvation."

-Reflections of Christ photographer Mark Mabry

What if you could have been there the night of Christ's birth?
Or the day of His baptism? What would it have been like to sit at His feet while He taught the people - the sinners, the children, the apostles? What would the sky have looked like over Gethsemane? Photographer Mark Mabry re-creates authentic, meridian-of-time scenes using both full-color and black-and-white pictures of Jesus. This first of a kind Christian Art showcases over twenty-five pictures of Jesus the Christ. From the Nativity to His miracles to His death and resurrection, these unique portrayals offer a powerful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.